• Get to know your client and monitor your operation,
  • based on the definitions of your Compliance department
  • Get to know your client and monitor your operation,
  • based on the definitions of your Compliance department


A solution that automates the processes of compliance and prevention of money laundering. Assists and guides the implementation and control of KYC procedures, risk evaluation, search for suspicious names and monitoring of unusual activities.

Due Diligence Manager (KYC)

The Due Diligence Manager consolidates a list of applicable requirements to every contact according to the functions the person undertakes and in agreement with the applicable laws.

Risk Rating Framework

The system has risk rating framework that incorporates the recommendations and best practices of the banking and financial sector for the evaluation of money laundering risk of clients.

Search for suspicious names (Watchlists)

CAMS has a monitoring console which allows the information crosscheck of the database against watchlists of suspicious names (OFAC, ONU, etc.).

Monitoring of unusual operations (AML)

An essential component of every AML system and terrorism financing prevention is the monitoring of operations against the client profiles to detect variances to the expected activity.

FATCA and CRS management and automatic generation of reports

CAMS system manages exchange information requirements, generating automatically reports aligned with international standards and of each jurisdiction.

The database allows the management follow-up of the requirements from their request up to their expiration. The integration with the accounting system allows to report balances along with the data of the owners and ultimate beneficiaries.

Contacts Manager

In the Contacts Manager the data of individual and corporate contacts are supported in a model that unifies and centralizes the information.

Business Manager

The different modules of the Business Manager support the data of contracted services and adapt to the nature of the business of the organization: corporate services, investment funds administration, banking services, trusts administration, fiduciary services, etc.

Advantages of CAMS-iTech

  • Counts with an embedded database, where the administrative, financial and documentary information is unified and centralized.
  • Consolidates transactional information for analysis.
  • Oriented to the deep knowledge of the client, complies with all the regulatory requirements.
  • Defines risk levels of clients according to policies, detects changes and allows registration of the follow-up of the mentioned changes.
  • Allows crosscheck of information with the most important suspicious watchlists.
  • Detects unusual transactions and allows registration of their administration.
  • Enables historical queries and holds a trail of control activities.
  • Its architecture ensures its adaptation to the changes in the financial, operational and regulatory environment.
  • By automating processes CAMS strongly diminishes the costs related to compliance tasks.