Who we are

Since 2002 Impact-iTech has been developing and implementing software solutions for legal companies, financial institutions and banks. Its technical capacity, top standards and deep functional expertise have allowed a sustainable evolution from the first software specialized in regulatory compliance, risk management and money laundering prevention to the conclusion of a robust platform for the administration, control and operation of the financial activity.

Our deep knowledge of the business allows us to identify customer’s requirements and implement fitted solutions through the integration of our products to the existing management systems.

What we do

Information is one of the most valuable assets of any organization, hence the proper administration of this resource in terms of security, standardization, centralization, accessibility and production is key in gaining competitive advantages and follow the constantly changing market.

Through the different products, Impact-iTech completes the development strategy of a software platform integrated for the management, control and operation of banking activities, implementing on one hand a CRM vertical finance tool.

On one hand there exists a CRM tool (CAMS-iTech), oriented to Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management. Regulatory Compliance is the set of actions taken by a company to reach a satisfactory level of adherence to the applicable norms, regulations and policies. Likewise, it implies to be able to demonstrate such level of adherence. It is clear that Compliance is not sustainable without an automatic solution to manage documentation and the processes necessary to achieve those objectives.

On the other hand, we incorporate a Core Banking (IBS-iTech) to process transactions in the area of operation of fixed term accounts, loans, multi-currency current accounts, budget implementation, administration of service contracts and investment portfolios. Finally, a tool for the management and processing wire transfer instructions (TIM-iTech), is integrated to the suite.

How we do it

The solutions provided are based on the highest technical standards and quality assured by our PMI certified technicians who support the implementation of our projects.

  • We develop and align our services with the business plan of our customers.
  • We offer easy maintenance with low IT involvement.
  • We design systems that manage vast amounts of information while maintaining a stable balance between costs and benefits.
  • We verify and develop new technology and models.
  • We test and validate the user’s experience as well as their acceptance.