Customer description

The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited ("Winterbotham") is a provider of banking, fiduciary and investment fund administration solutions which are complemented by the provision of tailor-made corporate and fiduciary structures. The company is originally from Nassau, Bahamas and has offices in Hong Kong, Montevideo, Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico, serving customers distributed globally.

The institution is regulated by the Central Bank of the Bahamas and the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. The Bank conducts its business inside international recognized banking principles. They have correspondent banking and financial/investment relationships with some of the safest and most reputable financial institutions in the world.

Problem to solve

After obtaining the Investment Fund License, the company began to grow very quickly, so it needed to create a more sophisticated structure that would support the complexity and diversity of the operational processes of the funds administration of its clients.

What and how was it made?

Once the problem was identified, a Gap & Fit analysis was undertaken, where the operational processes and functional requirements were analyzed. Based on this information, a document was prepared indicating which requirements where going to be solved by our software platform and in which modules extra configuration and/or additional development would be required.

As a result of the study, the scope of the implementation of Impact-iTech’s suite of products was determined, which included CAMS-iTech and IBS-iTech systems. This process allowed us, not only to identify improvements in the automation of internal processes, but also in the accounting and administrative management of investment funds.

The agreed process facilitated that, through the implementation of our software, the company will not continue to incorporate resources or using manual tools (Excel spreadsheets, etc.) to perform complex calculations. The implemented system allows managing funds with different closures and multi-series of shares, performing the calculations automatically to get the NAV value of each of the series, supporting master-feeder structures, equalization and allowing a complete evaluation of the fund's portfolio. At the same time, the investment portfolio management part was developed, supporting fixed and variable income instruments and other complex instruments like options, futures and Swaps.

Obtained results

The technology and the integration of the systems allowed Winterbotham to start working with automated processes, significantly reducing their time and the number of human resources necessary to carry them out. The tools implemented today make it possible to administer more than four hundred investment funds quickly and efficiently.