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Reduce Compliance Risks
with Compliance Automation

A solution which automates the Compliance pocess, and helps to prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

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iTech solutions

CAMS iTech

CAMS iTech

  • • Know your client, monitor their operations while you have under control your compliance department requirements fulfilling local and international regulations
  • • Due Diligence Manager (KYC)
  • • Money Laundering Risk Assessment Framework
  • • Integrated Fuzzy logic algorithms to screening suspicious names lists
  • • Activity profile monitoring
  • • Management and automatic of FATCA and CRS reports
  • • Contact manager
  • • Business manager
IBS iTech

IBS iTech

  • • Get your accounting under control, automate your internal processes Implementing specialised features for banking, portfolio management and fund administration
  • • Consistent, scalable and safe
  • • Increase the return of your investment in technology
  • • General Accounting
  • • E-banking
TIM iTech

TIM iTech

  • • Manage cross-border incoming and outgoing payments process through a configurable workflow integrating Banking and Compliance departments
  • • Control Bank accounts positions and Liquidity as well as overdraft deviations
  • • Control of Authorized Signatories
  • • Control Know Your Customer requirements (KYC) deviations
  • • Control profile activity deviations by bank account
  • • Watchlist crosscheck (OFAC, EU, MHT, ONU and any other list defined by your Organization)
  • • Integration with SWIFT (automatic generation of MT and MX format messages)
  • • Integration with IBS-iTech ensures automatic booking of authorized Incoming and outgoing payments
AM iTech

AM iTech

  • • Know the state of outstanding tasks in real time
  • • Know the state of the tasks assigned to each officer and their maturity
  • • Assign tasks among staff according to hierarchy and security criteria defined by the Organization
  • • Calculate the effort (time and resources) necessary to undertake different kind of activities
  • • Time Billing according to time spent for the provision of services
  • • Acknowledge the dedication required by each client and calculate their profitability
  • • Obtain quantitative indicators for the evaluation of staff and business areas
WAOS iTech

WAOS iTech

  • • Web based platform which simplifies the onboarding process through configurable workflow
  • • Online data entry a documentation uploading
  • • Integrated messaging feature to interact with your clients over a secure chanel
  • • Biometric features to validate your client’s basic information (Identification and proof of residence)
  • • Centralized Document Management
  • • Encripted communication channels to exchange information with your Client
  • • Initial Money Lundering Risk Analysis
  • • Know Your Client (KYC) requirements and supporting documentation
  • • Customised PDF forms based on the information gathered from the clients
  • • Integration with Adobe Sign to sign documents electoronically
  • • Customer Participation in Sign-up
  • • Smooth integration with Impact-iTech software olatform (CRM, Accounting etc.)
  • • 2FA autentication features to enforce privacy and security
  • • Audit trails

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